Our Story

Norquay Co. (Nor-ku-way Co.) was originally founded in Montreal, QC in 2013 by artist, adventurist and avid canoeist Natasha Wittke who shared a passion for the great outdoors and equally for great design. In 2015 Norquay Co., moved it’s studio to Toronto, ON. 

The company was inspired by the camping and cabin lifestyle, and weekends spent between the north and the city.

“Norquay Co. was named after a tiny island, nested in the cool waters of Lake Huron, where my first solo camping trip took place. Following that experience, I set out on a month-long, 600km canoe trip through the northern-most point of Ontario along the Missinaibi River up to Moosenee, where I spent so much time with a paddle in my hand I suppose it was inevitable I would make it my canvas one day.” - Natasha Wittke

All designs copyright © 2015 NORQUAY CO.