The Story

Exploration of dynamic color palettes, symmetry and balance, and a delivery of the outdoors into the home are hallmarks of Norquay Co. designs.

Founder, Natasha Wittke, fell into a lifelong love affair with the outdoors while growing up in Northern Ontario, Canada. It is her adventures in this wilderness that have been a source of inspiration for her throughout her career as a designer.

Blending functionality and design, each Norquay Co. product is created to beautify indoor environments while equally performing outside.

Norquay Co. (Nor-ku-way Co.) established in 2013 was founded in Montreal, Quebec and named after a tiny island, nested in the cool waters of Lake Huron; "where I spent so much time with a paddle in my hand I suppose it was inevitable I would make it my canvas one day.” - Natasha Wittke 

In 2015 Norquay Co., moved it’s studio to Toronto, ON. 

Let the outside in.
All designs copyright © 2015 NORQUAY CO.