I really NEED to have one of your ARTISAN CANOE PADDLES, when will they become available?
The reality and beauty of our paddle craftsmanship is that each one is handmade and that takes time. But we understand your need, and strive to ensure a regular schedule of Norquay Co. Artisan Painted Canoe Paddles. So, if your favourite is sold out, it will only be a matter of a short time before it is available again. Batch release dates are frequently updated on our homepage and announcements are made beforehand on instagram. Sign up with us if you would like to be notified by email of when the next batch will be available.

Do you do wholesale?
Yes. NORQUAY Co. ARTISAN PAINTED CANOE PADDLES are available for a discounted rate and orders will be considered for select retailers. If you are interested in carrying our work, please send us an email telling us a little about your vibe and retail space. Commitment will be based upon compatibility, current workload, and timeline.

May I post about your work on my blog or website?
Hecks yeah! Just make sure you link and give credit for photos where credit is due.

What does “Norquay” mean?
Our brand Norquay Co. was named after a tiny island, nested in the cool waters of Lake Huron, where my first solo camping trip took place. Following that experience, at the age of 14, I set out on a month-long, 600km canoe trip through the northern-most point of Ontario along the Missinaibi River up to Moosenee, where I spent so much time with a paddle in my hand I suppose it was inevitable I would make it my canvas one day.” - Natasha Wittke

What kind of wood do you use on your paddles? 
All of our Artisan Canoe Paddles are made from 100% cherry wood sourced from Northern Ontario.

Can I visit your studio?
While we do welcome visitors to our studio, we can't accept every request. If you are interested in purchasing something but would like to see available work in person, let us know and we can certainly arrange a time. If you just really, really want to meet and say hi, send us an email and maybe we can find a time for you to stop by.

I'd like to work for you, do you need interns / apprentices / assistants / photographer?
Oh how sweet of you! We are always looking for great talent to join our team whether that be out in the field or in the studio. Please contact us directly at info@norquayco.com