Our Paddles

Our line of Artisan Painted Canoe Paddles are perfect for gracing your lake house or city loft walls; serving well as heritage design pieces for any homestead.

The beautiful collection of designs are the original work of artist Natasha Wittke, who has reached international acclaim for redefining the "Canadiana" aesthetic. She has become known for design sensibilities, color mixology, and use of negative space. 

Each cherry wood paddle is hand-carved by a dedicated team of paddle makers to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and comes varnish finished in either a matte or polyurethane (high gloss) finish.

Matte Finish
Usage: Décor only

Water-Ready (high gloss) Polyurethane Finish 
Usage: Are varnish finished for greater durability and protection against the elements. While it is not recommended for the unforgiving demands of back-country canoe-tripping, they are great for deep-water touring around the lake.

Preventative Care For Your Water-Ready Paddle
There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using a Water-Ready Painted Canoe Paddle that will greatly extend it’s life, and keep your paddle looking mint in and out of the water.

Oiling The Grip
We recommend that you oil the grip, it just feels nicer in the hand. 

Oiling Instructions

  1. Wipe on oil finish (linseed/tung/etc.)
  2. Wait 10 minutes
  3. Wipe off any excess oil
  4. Use a 400-600 grit sand paper between coats for a smoother finish

 Canoeist Tips & Tricks:

  • Try to keep the banging against the gunwales to a minimum.
  • Our water-ready paddles do not have rock guards on the tip of the blade. If you use the blade to push off of rocks & docks or any hard surface or shoreline for that matter, you will run the risk of damaging the blade which can result in chipping and further long-term damage. We suggest using the grip of the paddle for push off.
  • Wipe down your paddle after each use to avoid minimal wear and tear. 
  • Over-Exposure To Sun: Although our finish has UV protection, it’s always good practice to keep your paddle out of direct sunlight when not in use. When you are done paddling, hang it up.